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When you wake up Monday morning, do you…

  • Wish you could stay in bed a little longer?
  • Dread the idea of rush hour traffic and trading your time for a paycheck?
  • Dream of spending the day on your own terms?
  • Wish you could spend more time with family or friends, enjoying a favorite hobby, or traveling with unlimited vacation days?

You’re not the only one.

Millions of people feel the same way. But the good news is, you don’t have to stay there.

Imagine having more than enough money coming in each month to meet all of your family’s needs…

Your time is your most precious commodity… So why are you wasting half your waking hours at work?

If you want to cut through conflicting advice from financial gurus and find a PROVEN SYSTEM for success (without starting a “rice and beans” diet)…

If the security and comfort of a steady stream of income before retirement age makes sense… And you love the idea of leaving that wealth and income to your children and grandchildren…

You’re in the right place.

(Especially if you know a paltry retirement savings won’t last through your golden years — let alone generations… Am I right?)

Stop struggling & start living

I’m Clayton Morris, and this is my wife, Natali. We get it…

Because we were in the same place you are, right now.

We’ve broken free from the grind. And we’re having the times of our lives building wealth through passive income.

This kind of freedom can’t even be put into words…

But unfortunately, we know the other side of the coin, too. The feelings of fear and all the stress… We know what it’s like to struggle, because we were struggling, too.

We’ve Been There…

Just a few years ago, Natali and I appeared to have it all together from the outside. But we actually had major issues…

We were lucky to be working as network broadcasters, but we still made a living the same way 90% of most Americans do — through biweekly paychecks.

And when Natali lost her job, we found ourselves under pressure to keep things afloat…

While she was discouraged about not being able to contribute financially, I was stressed about keeping my own job and being the sole provider.

And because network broadcasting is so competitive, when my contract came up for review every couple years, I was constantly afraid they’d announce a newer, younger replacement.

I was terrified of losing my job — if I didn’t bring home a paycheck, what would keep me and my family from sinking?

It was incredibly nerve wracking, and as time went by, the stress took its toll on me, our marriage, and our family.

The Meeting That Changed Everything

About this time, I managed to get 5 vacation days and decided to visit a buddy of mine. I hoped to get a break from all the stress (even though though I knew I couldn’t fully escape it) and splurged on a plane ticket to New Zealand.

During the flight, I started chatting with a couple next to me. When I found out they were going on vacation, I asked how long they were staying.

“A couple months or so,” the man said.

Wait… WHAT?! I picked my jaw off the floor and asked what he did for work that allowed two months of vacation.

“Oh, I’m a real estate investor,” he said. I couldn’t believe it…

Here was a man, in the flesh, living the life I had always dreamed about.

He told me they bought single family homes and fixed them up before renting them out. That’s it. There was nothing sexy about it, but it was obviously working really well!

We traded contact info. And from that moment on, I made it my mission to follow in his footsteps.

That chance meeting was a pivotal point for me, my family, and our financial legacy. And ever since, our lives have completely transformed for the better.

What does all this mean to you?


I believe you’re reading this for the same reason.

This is an opportunity and pivotal moment for your own family, and for finding your own freedom and happiness.

Yes! Let’s do this!

The Start of a Life-Changing System

While I started learning about real estate, Natali was wearing out her library card learning as much as she could about personal finance.

So when I gushed about my chance meeting, I was surprised to hear that she was totally on board. She knew we needed some performing assets, and real estate investing simply fit the bill.

(It’s amazing what happens when you get on the same page!)

Now, I was still a news anchor at this point, and my contract was up for negotiation again.

Despite my excitement about our new financial plans, I felt the old fears and insecurities creeping back in…

What if I lost my job just when we came up with this awesome plan?

My agent wasn’t calling me back, the network wasn’t calling him back, and after sweating bullets and waiting a stupidly long time, I finally got the news that they had renewed my contract for another two years.

The nerve-wracking anxiety of being in limbo spilled tension into all parts of my life.

And even though I was “safe” for a couple years, what would happen next time?

That’s when Natali had a genius idea…

“What if,” she said, “the next time we have to go through this, we’ve got enough performing assets — like real estate — that we don’t NEED your job? And if they don’t call you back, then screw them! It doesn’t even matter, then!”

It was brilliant. And not just because it would set us up for a lot more security financially…

If we had enough performing assets, we’d FINALLY have that freedom and peace of mind we’d never have while working for others.

I literally sprung out of my chair and rushed to the whiteboard to start crunching numbers. If we reverse engineered the process, we could be free for life.

But the absolute best part?


That night, the Freedom Number was born. Our Freedom Number became our “carrot on a stick,” and we worked toward that promise of liberty and security.

When my contract came up for negotiation again a couple years later, I was so comfortable with our process that I didn’t even care if they canned me. (They didn’t… and I even got a raise that year, funny enough!)

But get this…

Just 5 years later, we hit our number.
We were finally free.

After the initial shock and delirious, overflowing JOY, we couldn’t wait to share our process with friends and loved ones. We knew it worked, and we knew there were hundreds of thousands of people who needed it just as badly as we did.

It’s become our mission to transform as many lives as possible with what we learned, and we can’t wait to celebrate YOUR freedom, too.


Your Upcoming Transformation

The people we’ve shared this with have reported life-changing transformation. They decide when, where, and how they work. They’re finally able to enjoy their lives without regret and they’re finished working themselves into the ground with little to show for it.

These are people just like you.

They aren’t rushing out the door every morning just to spend 2 hours in traffic. They’re having leisurely breakfasts with their kids.

They’re not having the same old charged discussions with their spouse, fueled by fear…

They’re having conversations that are bringing family together.

Fear-based beliefs and triggers fade with a new, abundant mindset.

They’re no longer controlled by money (or the lack of it) — they’re IN control.

But first they had to shake the dependence on a paycheck and break the cycle of fearful, disquieting thoughts like…

“What if I lose my job?”
“What if I get sick or hurt?”
“When will I get a raise?”

The thing is, all that worry and anxiety builds and grows, and perpetuates a cycle of lack. If you’ve ever heard the term, “You create what you fear,” this is a perfect example.

People stuck in a poverty mindset tend to attract more poverty. But that doesn’t have to be your truth anymore.

You can have the freedom to make choices people stuck in a paycheck rut can’t.

You can be free physically AND mentally. And you can control how you spend your most precious resource…

A resource even more precious than freedom-giving money… Your time.

I don’t want you to look back years later and wish you’d spent more time on the important things in life. Things that money can’t buy…

Things like working together on a business on your own terms, and leaving a legacy of wealth for your children and beyond. Or being able to FULLY enjoy vacations without worrying about “time off.”

Basically, it’s those moments of doing whatever you want to do without being answerable to anyone but yourself.

Having steady income is important, for sure. But it doesn’t have to rob you of your time and memories.

At some point, most people realize there’s a lot more to life than just getting by and trading time for money.

And when they’re ready for a new way, we’re here for them.


Introducing the Financial Freedom Academy

Before we were in a position to create passive income, we had to take a hard look at our personal finances and come up with a smart plan.

We made a lot of painful mistakes and missed more than a few opportunities. But that means you don’t have to!

We’ve paved the way and organized everything we’ve learned into a simple, step-by-step course called the Financial Freedom Academy.

We know you’re busy (especially when juggling family responsibilities and your J.O.B.)…

That’s why we made the material in Financial Freedom Academy incredibly easy to absorb and access online so you can complete it easily, at your own pace, wherever you’re at.

When you log into the membership site, you’ll see each module laid out like this:

Simply click on the module you’re focusing on, and we’ll walk you through the video lesson and any accompanying exercises or homework.

Each video lesson is less than half an hour, so even with taking notes, you’ll be able to breeze through the content quickly.

I think half an hour is worth a life-changing transformation, don’t you?

In between your weekly video lessons, you might have supplemental material like…

  • Understanding a balance sheet
  • Finding and understanding your Freedom Number
  • Identifying and reprogramming limiting beliefs
  • …and much more!

You can also join our exclusive private Mastermind group (hosted on Facebook) where you can connect with your peers, get input from Natali and me directly, enjoy a weekly live call, and ask for help when you’re stuck or unsure about something.

There will be printable handouts and all kinds of great resources you can tap into as you go along, too.

Here’s what some people are saying after joining:



Knowledge Is Power

When we saw how non-performing assets and expensive debts drained our income, we couldn’t believe it. You’ll likely uncover a few shocking things, yourself.

But we don’t stop at simply helping you unveil the truth.

We’ll go several layers deeper and get to the bottom of why certain habits have became the status quo.

You and your family will uncover new ways of talking about money without creating the tension that usually comes with such an emotionally charged subject.

You and your partner will uncover your individual strengths and discover how to make the most of them.

As you both identify individual strengths, you and your spouse will discover how to utilize them — both in your careers and at home — so you take your wealth building to the next level.

But most importantly, you’ll dig into deep-seated beliefs about money you’ve been harboring for years (without even knowing it!)…

And start rewiring your brain so that limiting beliefs are transformed into empowering, abundant thoughts.

You’ll start thinking like a rich person, instead of a paycheck employee.

You’ll finally have a realistic wealth plan that actually works… and actually makes you wealthy!

What’s Inside

The Financial Freedom Academy has 9 modules that, when followed, transform your financial life.

As you journey toward true Financial Freedom, we’ll be right beside you, guiding you every step of the way.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Module 1

Getting Clear on What’s Ahead

We’ll start by dialing into your wealth goals — finding your WHY — and start clearing a path to achieving them. You’ll get a broad, bird’s-eye view on what’s coming so you can see how it all fits together.

+ Read Description

Module 2

Uncovering (and Upgrading) Your Beliefs about Money

In this module, we’re taking off the blinders! We’ll dig into your thoughts on money and get a clear look at how those beliefs affect your finances (and life in general). We’ll help you challenge those beliefs and open the door to incredible change — both internally and externally. Module 2 leaves no room for lack, and your relationship with money will never be the same.

+ Read Description

Module 3

The Story Your Money Is Telling

Have you ever heard the saying, “There are two sides to every story… and the truth is in the middle”? Well, Module 3 is all about digging up the dirt. If you’re often wondering where all your money goes, you’ll find your answer here. We’ll take an honest look at your current financial situation. If it’s painful, don’t worry — it’s only temporary!

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Module 4

Why It’s Impossible to “Save” Your Way to Wealth

We’ve all been told that pensions and 401(k)s are the path to a comfy retirement. (Spoiler: They’re not!) Natali and I show you the facts about this common belief, and why it’s NOT a good path to enjoying your golden years. We’ll explain why you can never “save” yourself wealthy and clue you in on a better way. After this, you’ll be ready for something way bigger and better.

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Module 5

Your Life Story, in Numbers

You can’t build a masterpiece without the proper tools and a blueprint, right? In Module 5, we’ll give you both so you can start creating the life you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll start with a balance sheet as your foundation, and we’ll show you how to expand from there.

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Module 6

Evaluating Your “Assets”

What most people see as assets are liabilities in disguise. We’ll explain what we mean in this module, and we even share our own numbers from when we first started. (If they don’t make you feel better, nothing will!). You’ll find out what’s really working for you, and how tell if it’s your “assets” are the kind you actually want.

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Module 7

Evaluating Your Liabilities

Knowledge is power… and when you see how much you’re actually spending on making money, you’ll be ready for the work we do in this module. We’ll dig into your Liability column to figure out where you’re overpaying, and help you do something about it in the next module.

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Module 8

Flipping the Equation

Once you know the status of your assets and liabilities, you’ll probably find yourself like the average American family — Liability-rich and Asset-poor. And though it’s a common situation, it’s definitely not the path to wealth. Instead, it’s quite the opposite… Module 8 will show you how to break those chains by flipping the equation. You’ll discover how to build true Assets that create true Financial Freedom.

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Module 9

Reverse Engineering Your Freedom Number

Your Freedom Number has the power to deliver the life of your dreams. It’s what we used to reverse-engineer our retirement planning by acquiring Performing Assets, and in this module, we’ll teach you to do the same!

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Exercises & Implementation to Help You Absorb It All

There will be eye-opening exercises along the way, and you’ll have the occasional homework assignment, too. But don’t worry — some of it is downright fun!

+ Read Description

Bonus #1

Paying off Your Mortgage in 5 Years

Trade that 30-year home loan for home ownership free and clear in just 5 years! In this module, we show you how to get out from under all that interest and crushing debt without waiting three decades. As an additional add-on bonus, we’ll even gift you a FREE copy of our book, “How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In Five Years : Slash your mortgage with a proven system the banks don’t want you to know about”!

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Bonus #2

Exclusive Access to the Financial Freedom Academy Facebook Group

When you enroll in the Financial Freedom Academy, you’ll get an invitation to our exclusive private Mastermind group. You’ll be able to ask questions, discuss topics, and post your thoughts as you journey toward financial freedom alongside new friends who are going through the same process. There’s no better place to share your ideas, inspiration, and success. We host the group on Facebook, so it’s easy to join!

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Banish the Insecurity of Needing a Paycheck

You can’t count on bringing in a paycheck every two weeks for the rest of your life. (And even if you could, who in the world would want to?) Not to mention, it’s not unusual to work from January to May JUST to pay the government.

That’s Right

Most paycheck employees have 5 months’ worth of their yearly salary taken by the government.

Who wants to work nearly half the year just to pay taxes?

Definitely not me. I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would be okay with that.

What’s worse, if you ever catch yourself pushing the scary “what if”s and “what will I do?”s to the back of your mind when talk of retirement comes up, you’re in good company.

Natali and I used to do the same thing. When you added the panic and fear that hit each time my contract came up for renewal, and when it finally dawned on us that it was impossible to “save” ourselves wealthy, it made for some pretty wicked stress.

Even if you’re maxing out your 401(k) benefits, you’re still putting your money into something you can’t affect (the stock market), and it’s not much better than a savings account.

Did you know the average 401(k) payout is $110,000? That’s not bad for a couple years’ worth of living expenses, but that’s supposed to provide for your entire retirement. That’s bad news if you plan on living more than a couple years past your retirement age…

The Financial Freedom Academy can help you prepare for the golden years so you can enjoy your well-deserved time off, without shrinking your lifestyle.

Start Here!

It Can Work for Everyone, Including You

It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck in a W-2 trap, or if you’re self-employed…

This process is designed to help you break free no matter where you’re starting.

So whether you’re swimming in what feels like mountains of debt and need a financial overhaul…

Or you’re just looking to create an intelligent retirement plan that will sustain you and your family for decades to come…

This will get you where you want to go.

You’ve heard how life changing this system has been for us in allowing us to travel freely for as long as we like, spend more time with our kids, and — most importantly — have the freedom and security to live our lives on our terms…

We Guarantee You’ll Have Everything You Need to Succeed

This Financial Freedom Academy is a passion project, and we truly want you to succeed. That’s why we’ve included everything you need to follow the path we forged so you can experience the same radical freedom and financial security.

We’re so confident that you’ll love it that if you follow our clear, actionable plan, join our private Mastermind, and still feel like you’re not in a much more empowered financial position within 30 days, we’ll refund your investment.

Our students’ satisfaction means the world to us, and we’re happy to do what it takes to help you succeed. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can’t help but transform your finances and start making your dream life a reality.

One of our students puts it perfectly:

So are you ready?

Value of Modules 1 through 9

$873 ($97/each)

Value of exercises/worksheets

$47 /each

Value of yearly Facebook group membership




Start your transformation for less

Your special offer:

  • Complete set of training Modules
  • Exercises, worksheets, and countless resources
  • Copy of our latest book, “How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in 5 Years: Slash your mortgage with a proven system the banks don’t want you to know about”
  • Invitation to our private Mastermind group
  • Personalized help & weekly live calls

All for just


Buy Now

Now Is the Time

I want to ask you something… But first, consider everything I’ve shared above… Think of what it would be like to banish those feelings of powerlessness that come with having to depend on a paycheck, forever.

Think of finally taking full control of your time and energy and freely enjoying every aspect of your life.

Imagine the benefits to your relationship with your spouse and children…

Think about how liberating it feels to have the security of knowing your family is provided for, even if you all spend a couple months halfway around the world.

You might not even be envisioning the true extent of how much happier you, your spouse, and your children could be, to be honest, because I can tell you from personal experience that it’s indescribable.

So my questions to you is…

Is today the day your family’s new legacy begins?

If so, we can’t wait to be a part of your journey. You’ll be joining a large group who are on the road to REAL financial freedom, and we’re here for you as we travel together toward our best lives.

We hope you’ll look back a year from now and see this as the turning point it is. We’d love to celebrate your path to more memories with your kids, more time with your spouse, more adventures in the world, and more memory-making without fear.

And we’d be honored to help you find your best life.