Financial Freedom Live

with Clayton and Natali Morris

A 3-hour event to accelerate your journey to financial freedom

Build Financial Skills | Master Your Mindset | Transform Your Family’s Future… Forever




Lexington, KY

401 W High Street, KY 40507

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Do you want to achieve financial freedom?
Do you want something greater for yourself and your family?
Are you hungry to learn and grow?

This event is for you.

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Invest in your financial intelligence | Craft your freedom plan | Escape the rat race

What’s In Store For You at Financial Freedom Live Lexington

  • 3 hours of practical (and fun) financial education
  • Learn the foundations of a winning money mindset
  • Hear our financial freedom story (and avoid our mistakes)
  • Learn 10 vital money skills (without these skills, you won’t go far)
  • Get 100% clear on what you need to do to achieve what you want
  • Ignite your ambition with a powerful, practical plan
  • …to escape the rat race for good

PLUS: Every attendee will receive our “Financial Intelligence Archive,” a curated collection of resources to help you go beyond the basics and apply this knowledge to your life.

  • 1200 other people just like you
  • Laid back, fun, and entertaining evening.
  • Get motivated and empowered to transform your family’s future… forever

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Attend Financial Freedom Live Lexington with Clayton and Natali Morris

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Our Journey to Total Financial Freedom

At one point (just a few years ago), we were like most people. We lived month-to-month. We were dependent on a paycheck. And we always thought “Wouldn’t it be nice to build passive income? How great would it be to escape the rat race for good?”


  • We felt un-equipped
    • Do we have the financial skills we need?
  • We felt ignorant
    • How do we even get started?
  • We felt scared
    • What if we make some huge mistake and ruin everything?
  • We felt unsure of ourselves
    • Is financial freedom even possible for us?

Then, something crazy happened…

We just did it. We actually started applying all the stuff we’d been learning about investing and passive income.

Instead of just reading and learning…we started doing. And within a few years, we had enough passive income to quit our jobs and do (literally) whatever we wanted.

Financial Freedom: Achieved

It wasn’t easy. We took our licks. We lost money. We made mistakes.

But now our life looks much, much different…

  • We sleep in when we want
  • We travel when we want
  • We control our income
  • We have enough time to enjoy our lives, our marriage and our family on our terms

We don’t say this to brag. We say it to help you see that it IS possible for you. If we can do it, you can do it.

And we want to help you get there… faster.

In fact, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people just like you on their journey to financial freedom.

And now we’re coming to Lexington. To give you the training we wish we had.

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Get the knowledge you need | Accelerate your journey

Why Attend Financial Freedom Live Lexington?

Most people will say they want financial freedom. But few are willing to do what it takes.

They never invest in themselves. They never master the right mindset. They never take action. So their life dream remains a pipe dream.

We want more for you (and we know you do too). THAT is what this event is all about.

Empowering You Practically | Transforming Your Financial Future

Have you ever said something like this?

I’d love to have enough money to…

Travel the world

Quit my job(and never need another one)

Take care of the people I love

Support the causes I believe in

Support the causes I believe in

Retire early

Live the life I want to live

Let us show you how.

Financial freedom is much closer than you think.

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No pyramid scheme “opportunities”. No rah rah cheerleading hype.

Just practical help, motivation, and education for your journey.

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